Robert A. Sternberg, APLC

We will provide your business with the same services that in-house counsel would…but without the overhead. We have identified this form of client-focused lawyering as “litigation avoidance.” By simply choosing the right attorney and defining the relationship, litigation avoidance can be the rule and not the exception. When planning your family’s estate, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works for each individual’s unique familial circumstances. We work closely with our estate planning clients to consider as many future possibilities and circumstances as possible, and implement a plan most appropriate for their unique situation.

To provide vigorous advocacy and the highest quality legal advice.
To provide the expertise you expect from a large firm, but on a personal basis.
To save our clients money through proactive planning and execution.
To be more like team members, advisers, or management consultants than what you think of for the role of the traditional lawyer.